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Ship Agency and Husbandry

We provide pure ship agency and husbandry services to the various ship owners and operators calling all Israeli ports (and anchorage): Haifa, Ashdod, Bay Port (SIPG), ISY, Hadera, Ashkelon, Eilat. Our services include entry procedure, system integration to authorities, procurement, supply, shipping, customs clearance, and crew changes. Among our key clients: Maersk's with owned/chartered vessels calling Israeli ports on weekly basis, OSG, Carnival brands and more.


Energy Sector

We are heavily engaged in the local energy sector primarily in upstream and midstream segments as vessel operators, procurement, crewing, shore base support and pure husbandry services to the various operators that are working in Israeli EEZ and territorial waters. The company managed to gain an impressive milage serving large and mid-scale global energy companies, service providers and this activity is on a persistent rising trajectory. 


Container Traffic
Our foundation is deeply rooted in providing the full scope of commerical & operational agency services, where we have historically played a pivotal role representing major global container operators, including our partnership with Hamburg Süd, a Maersk company that has been fully integrated under the Maersk brand on 2023. While direct container traffic management is no longer within our suite of services following strategic brand evolutions, our commitment to facilitating seamless global shipping remains unwavering. AMA leverages its extensive network and commercial expertise across the globe to offer unparalleled shipping solutions. Through our subsidiaries  within the group, we are proud to provide enhanced shipping services, boasting an even broader global reach and the same efficient, cost-effective management that has distinguished our operations. Our deep understanding of regional market trends and needs continues to inform our approach, ensuring tailored solutions for our clients.


Maritime Projects 

Our experience as a solutions integrator of specialized maritime services into large-scale projects as well as our highly skilled team of professionals and sun-contractors has positioned us at the forefront of the local project cargo business.

We are also involved in major marine projects and salvage, representing Smit Salvage-Rotterdam and working closely with Oceaneering Corp. - Houston. Most of the projects are tenders with American, Israeli MOD, and IDF. 
The company is an authorized supplier of the IMOD as well as the American USAFE in Israel on classified major projects.

AMA represents the Seabulk International Tankers, based in Port Everglades, Florida. Corp. and Overseas Shipholding Group carrying jet fuel for the Israeli Air Force each 35,000 CBM with about 12-16 annual calls.


Passenger Cruises 

Israel is one of the favorite ports of call for Mediterranean cruise ships, offering holy sites such as Jerusalem and Nazareth as the pick attraction of each voyage.
Under a normal political environment AMA services about 100 calls a year of the ships of the best-known operators in the field including Carnival Cruises, AIDA Cruises, Cunard Cruises, P&O Cruises, Princess Cruises, Holland America Line, and Fred Olsen.



AMA has gained a sound reputation in this specialized field, acting as agents, operators, and charterers. Over 350,000 tons of Israel's citrus vegetables and deep-frozen cargoes reach overseas consumers fresh and tasty thanks to AMA's reliable service.

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