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Container Traffic
AMA's primary activity is container traffic. The company is known for its efficient, cost-effective management of traffic between Israel the UK, Ireland, Europe,Scandinavia Central/South America, and Mediterranean ports of call, moving about 33,000 containers annually. AMA represents Hamburg-Sued, and offering a full range of all special equipment and Transhipment services to many other destinations.

AMA has gained a sound reputation in this specialized field, acting as agents operators and charterers. Over 350,000 tons of Israel's citrus vegetables and deep frozen cargoes reach overseas consumers fresh and tasty thanks to AMA's reliable service.
The company's portfolio includes  Agrexco, which was Israel's leading agricultural export company and maintains very close contacts with most of the conventional reefer operators and brokers in Japan, UK and on the Continent. Among AMA's leading principals: Lauritzen Copenhagen, Armada ReefersCopenhagen ,Nissui Shipping Co, Tokyo Kyokuyo Co. Tokyo, Maestro Freiburg, Frigoship/Alpha. Reefers of Hamburg.

Special Shipping Activities 
AMA served as agents (and commercial principals) of Agrexco's MAE service based on the modern and sophisticated Sideloaders Carmel Ecofresh and Carmel Biotop as well as Sideloaders of the "Ice" Type carrying agricultural produce. In addition, AMA serves as an operator, broker, and agent for "dry conventional tonnage, Imo 1 operations", Special Project Cargoes representing as port agents the Danish specialized shipping company J. Poulsen. AMA represents the unique specialized sugar carriers "BIBO" (Bulk In Bags Out), owned by the London based commodity company ED&F Man.
The vessels range between 20,000-45,000 tons capacity of sugar handling about 200,000 tons of sugar every year.
AMA has a contract to carry from West-Med, Peugeot, Citroen, and Volkswagen sedans on a weekly basis on the "Carmel" vessels - more than 10,000 cars annually. 

Marine Projects 
AMA is involved in major marine projects and salvage, representing Smit Salvage-Rotterdam and work closely with Oceaneering Corp. - Houston. Most of the projects are tenders with American, Israeli MOD's and IDF.
AMA is an authorized supplier of the IMOD as well as the American USAFE in Israel on classified major projects.
AMA represents the Seabulk International Tankers, based in Port Everglades, Florida. Corp.and Overseas Shipholding Group carrying jet fuel for the Israeli Air Force each 35,000 cbm with about 12-16 annual calls.


Passenger Cruises 
Israel is one of the favorite ports of call for Mediterranean cruise ships, offering sacred sites such as Jerusalem and Nazareth as the pick attraction of each voyage.
Under a normal political environment AMA services about 100 calls a year of the ships of the best-known operators in the field including Cunard Cruises, P&O Cruises, Princess Cruises, Holland America Line, and Fred Olsen.


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